Fairtrade Chocolate and Cocoa

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Fairtrade Chocolate and Cocoa

Fairtrade Foundation has been working hard with manufacturers, importers and producers to offer right value for the produce to farmers. Fairtrade has focus on coffee, cocoa, bananas, sugar, tea, flowers, cotton, honey, rice, wine and many other vegetables. Rice, herbs, spices, quinoa and many other products have been added under fair-trade program to offer better living conditions to farmers working in poor regions across the world.

1.8 million farmers and workers were associated with fair-trade as of year 2019. 933 million fair-trade flower stems were sold in year 2019. The data for 2020 isn’t available as pandemic led to a major disruption in world trade and production. 281,162 metric tonnes of Fairtrade coffee sold in 2019. 747,425 metric tones of bananas were sold in 2019 with fair-trade certification.

Fairtrade has been actively working with cocoa farmers. Cocoa is mainly produced in regions with high rate of poverty and the farmers in these regions need fair value for their products. Chocolate and cocoa powder consumption has been rising across the world.

Millions of cocoa farmers work extremely hard, under grueling conditions, yet do not earn a living income. Farmers get just 6 percent of the average price at which chocolate bar in sold in the markets. Offering them fair money for their production won’t raise the price for the end user but will make a major difference in their life and economy of those regions.

The Fairtrade standards and the Fairtrade Premium are proven to limit the risks caused by the volatility of the market, with farmers more able to develop their businesses and invest in their communities. Only Fairtrade focuses on sustainable pricing, with the safety net of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and the additional Fairtrade Premium, going further than any other certification label.

As per Fairtrade Foundation, everyone buying chocolate or cocoa products, can help the movement.

When you buy Fairtrade chocolate, you know that the farmers were paid a fair price for the cocoa. You are casting a vote with your wallet, signalling to businesses and the Government that fair and just trade matters. You are helping to protect the future of chocolate.

The household survey reveals that Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire have increased their incomes by 85% over the past several years and that a greater proportion are living above extreme poverty levels.

Fairtrade believes that living incomes are critical in achieving sustainable food systems that are cleaner, greener, fairer, and which keep us on track to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch out the latest video from Fairtrade Foundation in the UK

Some of the Brands already using Fairtrade Cocoa for their chocolates and cocoa products (as on August 2021)

Navitas Organics

Seed and Bean

Chocolate and Love

Waitrose own brand

Ben & Jerry’s


Lidl also has a range of chocolate that, through the Fairtrade Cocoa Programme, enables small-scale farmers to benefit by selling more of their cocoa as Fairtrade.

ASDA Extra Special Indulgent Drinking Chocolate

Aldi’s delicious ‘Moser Roth’ range of Fairtrade single origin chocolate bars

Alter Eco Deep Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate

Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate Bar

Vosges Raw Honey Cacao Chocolate Bar

Theo Pure 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Willie’s Cacao milk of the stars

Ocelot sea salt dark chocolate

Land 75% Philippines chocolate bar

Chocolate And Love pomegranate 70%

Cacao Crudo dark lemon zest chocolate

Divine Fairtrade milk chocolate

Cox & Co coconut and chia bar

Tony’s Chocolonely milk chocolate bar

Seed and Bean organic dark 66% chocolate with Cornish sea salt and lime

There are a lot of companies that are already sourcing fair-trade products. Choose your next product with fair-trade certification and help the farmers.